About the Kilgore Real Estate Group

Lots of people like to go to websites and click on the “about us tab” first. We really like people who are curious and engaging…we are SO glad that you are here! You will not find our list of credentials, awards or accolades here. You will however find out some things about us that allow you to relate to who we are as professionals and as people that you will enjoy doing business with. We can’t wait to get to know you too!

Here are some fun facts about us:

  • Both of us have degrees in agriculture so we appreciate “growing things”.
  • Immediately after college, Charles worked for the USDA as a loan officer and Kirby traveled the world as commodity food broker.
  • Charles has been in real estate for nearly 40 years. Kirby has been for 15 years. We have seen neighborhoods come out of the ground, worked with first time buyers to dream homebuyers and love selling everything from student condos to million dollar homes.
  • Our clients report that working with a father son team with over 55 years experience is like getting the care of two agents wrapped into one.
  • We LOVE the University of Georgia with a fiery passion.
  • We appreciate the Athens music scene, the foodies among us, Saturday in Athens and Friday night lights.
  • We LOVE travel, the outdoors, and sports of all kinds.
  • We know homebuilders, mortgage lenders, appraisers and other REALTORS. We appreciate our fellow real estate professionals and believe that supporting and nurturing others is not only professional, but it is the right thing to do.
  • We respect entrepreneurs, and independent business owners. We do business with local service providers and we have relationships that are forged on corporate levels. We acknowledge that there is a benefit to being able to work with anyone and everyone.
  • Interested in getting to know more about real estate than taxes, school districts and traffic patterns? Good! We can plug you into great parks and recreation opportunities, athletics and art programs for every member of your family.
  • We know that there are many puzzle pieces that need to come together to make moving a fruitful process. We are masters at engineering many moving parts!
  • From blue prints and floor plans to utility companies and moving boxes we “have been there and done that”.
  • Call us if you want to “do real estate” with real people with real experience who will serve you in all the ways that matter!

*Credential and Resumes and Accolades available upon request


Million Dollar Club – 1980


Top Guns of Real Estate – 1994